Auto Audience Network

The Auto Audience Network inventory display technology drives the highest quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the cars you have on the lot.


The Auto Audience Network™ is comprised of Three Components:

VINDirect™Ad Units

MarketMatch™Data Engine

AutoSync™Inventory Feed


Dynamic, engaging and performant.
The next generation of inventory advertising.

  • Drive directly to Vehicle Detail Pages

    Unlike typically display advertising that drives traffic to a generic landing page, the Auto Audience Network’s VINDirect ad units drive local, in-market car shoppers directly to the Vehicle Detail Page of interest.

  • Dynamically generated and inventory-based

    Rather than advertising a generic offer, the VINDirect ad units are inventory based and are dynamically created based on the dealer’s inventory and the car shopper’s vehicle interests.

  • Available in native and all standard sizes

    VINDirect ads are available in all standard IAB ad sizes including mobile. Additionally, VINDirect ads also run in native and in-image ad positions, perfectly matching the content on the page. This proprietary in-image advertising lives on the main image of popular car review sites and matches the make, model and year of the car being reviewed.

  • Mobile & tablet friendly

    Consumers are continuing to increase their activity on mobile and tablet devices. VINDirect ad units are created in HTML5 which enables them to run across all mobile and tablet devices.

  • Designs that match your brand

    All VINDirect ads can be customized to match OEM or dealership’s branding including preferred call-to-actions and personalized messaging.



Match your inventory to online buyers
who are shopping for them.

  • Identify buyers and determine vehicle preferences

    The MarketMatch Data Engine creates individual buyer preference profiles by tracking all the review, research and inventory pages an online shopper visits.

  • Match vehicles to interested shoppers

    Using these individual buyer profiles, the MarketMatch Data Engine then matches cars on the lot that match the shopper’s interest.

  • Dynamically generate hyper-targeted advertising

    Local online car shoppers are served ads with inventory from the dealer that best match their vehicle preferences.

  • Retarget shoppers

    Unlike typical retargeting that re-targets with generic brand messaging, the shopper is retargeted with the specific vehicles of interest, along with unseen vehicles that are similar, as they consume other content online.



Keep your ads updated without lifting a finger.

  • No need for data feeds

    Unlike many other advertising technologies, the AAN’s AutoSync intelligently scans your website to find every piece of inventory you have on your lot without the need for a data feed. AutoSync automatically collects information regarding the make, model, year, price, photos, trim, color and class of every piece of inventory on your website.

  • Updated daily

    AutoSync updates your ads daily to make sure your ads are referencing the most up-to-date information. This means that your ads will be up to date even if you have added or removed inventory, changed your pricing or have updated your images. Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger to do it.


How It Works

The Auto Audience Network™ generates optimal inventory display ads by featuring the cars on the dealer’s lot that best match the interests of active, in-market buyers.

How It Works

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"Right away, when we started with Speed Shift Media, we noticed that our conversion rates were higher by 2-3 times."

Hamish McDonald

Digital Marketing Specialist
Brian Jessel BMW

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"Speed Shift Media has significantly contributed to OpenRoad’s goals... I highly recommend them to any dealership looking to increase high-quality website traffic and sales."

Lincoln Lam

Digital Marketing
OpenRoad Auto Group

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"With this shift in digital strategy, we were able to increase our [marketing] effectiveness and sell more cars every month"

Rick Farbo

Director of Internet Sales & Business
McGrath Lexus

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The Results

Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ converts at a higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords, Google Display Network & Facebook Advertising.

29% Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords
47% Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Display Network
44% Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Facebook Advertising

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