Increase Pre-Owned
Marketing Effectiveness

The Auto Audience Network™ allows dealerships to effectively market their constantly changing and unique pre-owned inventory in ways that just aren't possible with SEM and SEO.

Market Your Pre-Owned Inventory Specifically 
to Online Buyers Shopping for Them

Market Your Pre-Owned Inventory Specifically
to Online Buyers Shopping for Them

No matter how unique your pre-owned inventory is, the Auto Audience Network™ will be able to match your used car inventory specifically with online car shoppers that are shopping for them. It then dynamically creates a hyper-targeted inventory ad to attract and drive shoppers directly to the Vehicle Detail Page on your website to convert.

How It Works

How It Works infographic

Inventory, Images and Pricing Updated Without Lifting a Finger

Pre-owned inventory is constantly changing at every dealership. The Auto Audience Network™ updates your ads with the new inventory, images and pricing on a daily basis to keep your ads current. Best of all, this happens automatically without you having to lift a finger.
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CPO and Co-op

CPO and Co-op

The ads generated from the Auto Audience Network™ are compliant with OEM brand guidelines and are eligible for co-op funding.

All documents required for reimbursement or compliance are provided for easy submission to the OEM.


The Result?

Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ converts at a higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords, Google Display Network & Facebook Advertising.


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The Auto Audience Network™ inventory display technology drives the highest quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the vehicles you have on your lot.



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