Increase VDP Engagement
with Retargeting

The Auto Audience Network™ retargets car buyers with your
 inventory that is relevant to increase Vehicle Detail Page engagement.


Your Retargeting Isn't Effective at Increasing Your VDP Engagement

Many dealers use generic offers in their retargeting ads that are basic, un-personalized and drive buyers to a landing page.

Studies have shown that the most engaged web traffic comes from visitors that return to your site, but how do you get the buyer to actually return? And further more, once they are on your site, how do you get them to view more of your inventory?


Buyers Care About Finding the Right Car, Not Offer

The Auto Audience Network™ increases the number of vehicles detail pages viewed and time spent from return visitors, by showing them vehicles they are interested in purchasing.

Unlike typical retargeting that re-targets with generic brand messaging, the Auto Audience Network retargets the buyer with the specific vehicles of interest, along with unseen vehicles that are similar that they have not yet seen.

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“The re-targeting aspect of the Auto Audience Network works well. Even if they don’t convert the first visit they will come back to the site. So this doesn’t only create more leads but also higher quality ones too."

Hamish McDonald
Digital Marketing Specialist 
Brian Jessel BMW

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How It Works

Metrics Hub


Identify Buyer and
Determine Vehicle

Once the car buyer visits your site, an individual buyer profile is created within our data engine–MarketMatch. The buyer profile gathers the vehicles viewed by the buyer to determine which vehicles are most prefered.

Fully Managed


Dynamically Generate

Using our dynamic display ad units, the buyer is retargeted with vehicles from your inventory that best match their preferences, along with unseen vehicles that are similar, as they consume other content online.

Co-op Compatible


Drive Buyers Directly to
Vehicle Detail

Instead of driving traffic to a generic landing page like typical retargeting, the Auto Audience Network’s VinMatic ad units drive local, in-market car shoppers directly to the Vehicle Detail Page of interest


Retargeting is only a portion of what the Auto Audience Network is capable of.

Speed Shift Media’s inventory display technology, The Auto Audience Network™ drives the highest quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the cars on the dealer’s lot. The technology automatically generates optimal inventory display ads by featuring the vehicles on the dealership's lot that best match the interests of active, in-market buyers.

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