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Tired of Being Second Best?

No, you’re not imaging it, your competition is doing a better job at driving in-market buyers to their online inventory. And in this digital world, getting your inventory in front of buyers before your competition is more than just important, it could make or break your marketing or sales goals. You need to get your inventory in front of online buyers before your competitor does. 

But how can you be more competitive while maintaining the same marketing budget?

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Introducing Your
Secret Weapon

Incremental ‘SEM optimizations’ and oversaturated ‘3rd party premium listings’ will not be enough to propel your dealership ahead of the competition. You need a secret weapon – the Auto Audience Network‘s™ dynamic inventory display technology gets your vehicles in front of in-market buyers using a channel that your competitors aren’t using.

Best of all, the Auto Audience Network™ drives these in-market buyers directly to your Vehicle Detail Page to convert at a rate you’re used to.


The Auto Audience Network™ Helps
Dealers be More Competitive by:

propel you ahead of the compeition

Leveraging an Untapped Channel

Unlike hyper competitive channels like SEM or listings, the Auto Audience Network's™ dynamic inventory technology uses the display network as an untapped channel to promote your dealership’s inventory in real-time.


propel you ahead of the compeition

Reaching Buyers Where They Are Browsing

Rather than depending on a single marketing channel, such as social media or listings, the Auto Audience Network™ attracts in-market buyers from all corners of the internet – including the most popular automotive review sites, comparison sites and listings sites, along with top news and information sites.

propel you ahead of the compeition

Matching Your Inventory With In-Market Buyers

The Auto Audience Network™ identifies in-market buyers and generates hyper-relevant inventory display ads by featuring the cars on your lot that best match the interest of these buyers.

propel you ahead of the compeition

Driving Buyers Directly to Your VDPs

Most automotive digital advertising drives buyers to a Search Results Page (SRP) or the home page, the Auto Audience Network™ drives in-market shoppers directly to your VDP to convert.


The Result?

Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ converts at a higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords, Google Display Network & Facebook Advertising.


Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords


Goal Conversion Rate than Google Display Network


Goal Conversion Rate than Facebook Advertising


“The quality of traffic that Speed Shift Media delivered made a significant impact on the effectiveness of our digital strategy. As a result of our effective digital strategy, we were able to propel ahead of other dealerships in our area.”

Bryan Feely
Digital & eCommerce Manager Audi Boulder 


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Propel Ahead of the Competition. Sell More Cars.

The Auto Audience Network's inventory display technology drives the highest quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the vehicles you have on the lot.

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