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The Auto Audience Network™ shows your inventory to in-market buyers who are shopping for the cars on your lot.

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The Auto Audience Network™ drives quality, in-market buyers directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages.

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Automotive Digital Marketer's Problems with Diminishing SEO/SEM Returns: Your budget grows but in-market buyers don't.

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Attract in-market car buyers 


Why wait for buyers to search for your dealership when you can get to them sooner? Using advanced behavioural targeting technology, the Auto Audience Network™ identifies qualified local car buyers and brings them directly to your VDPs - all without needing the buyer to actively search for your dealership.  

Learn how Speed Shift Media's Auto Audience Network™ can help increase your in-market buyers


of the buyers we drive have never visited your website before.


The Auto Audience Network™ drives high-quality VDP traffic without ever needing the buyer to search for your dealership.


Beat out your competition


70% of all car buyers choose their car before they choose their dealership. By advertising your vehicles alongside your brand at every stage of the buyer’s journey, you can give your dealership an edge over your competition.


of all car buyers will decide on a car before they decide on a dealership. Make sure you stay top-of-mind.


Buyers visit an average of only 1.4 dealerships before they make a purchase. Make sure they choose yours.


Fuel your sales

Fuel your sales

It’s no secret: the more interested buyers that view your cars, the more cars you’re going to sell. We get more interested buyers to view your cars.


Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ drives highly-qualified local buyers directly to your dealership’s Vehicle Detail Pages.

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The result of more high-quality VDP views? A decrease in time-on-lot, and an increase in sales.


Get the most out of your marketing budget


Why pay for ads that don’t promote your vehicles to interested buyers? The Auto Audience Network™ is designed specifically to drive only local qualified buyers directly to your VDPs. What’s more, our ads conform to existing OEM branding standards to allow your dealership to take advantage of Co-op funding - further stretching your marketing budget.


Higher goal conversion rate than SEM


Higher goal conversion rate than typical display ads


Higher goal conversion rate than Facebook ads