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Read how Speed Shift Media is more effective at driving VDP traffic than Adwords.

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The Auto Audience Network™ shows your inventory to in-market buyers who are shopping for the cars on your lot.

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Target Your Ads Based on What the Buyer Actually Wants


Unlike social media technologies that target shoppers based on zip code, income or other demographics and psychographics, Speed Shift Media’s advertising technology targets buyers based on their individual shopping behaviour. The result? An average of 10% of all traffic coming from Speed Shift Media perform a significant action on your site - 3x more than Facebook ads and 10x more than traditional display advertising.


Higher goal conversion rate than SEM


Higher goal conversion rate than typical display ads


Higher goal conversion rate than Facebook ads

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If you’re targeting based on demographics, you’re doing it wrong.

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Reach Buyers No Matter Where They Are Browsing


Only about 5% of a car buyer’s time online is spent actively looking for vehicles, so why would you limit your reach to only automotive listing sites?

Unlike other automotive speciality advertisers, the Auto Audience Network™ places your ads on all the most popular review sites, comparison sites, listings sites, along with all the top news and information sites used in your market. The result? We reach local qualified buyers no matter where they are in cyberspace.


Get Your Dealership Noticed Before Your Competition


70% of all car buyers decide on a car before they decide on a dealership. Unlike many SEM (Google AdWords) and remarketing (display) techniques that depend on the buyer actively searching or visiting your website, Speed Shift Media’s advertising technology proactively finds buyers using their online shopping behaviour.

This allows Speed Shift Media to drive interested buyers to your available inventory - all without the buyer needing to search or previously be on your website. The result? Your inventory and dealership are discovered earlier in the buying process - before your competition.


of all car buyers decide
on a car before they decide
on a dealership.


The Auto Audience Network™ drives high-quality VDP traffic without ever needing the buyer to search for your dealership.


Pay for In-Market Buyers Interested in the Cars You Have


People buy cars, not landing pages. So why invest in technologies that aren’t very effective at driving buyers to VDPs? Unlike traditional SEM, display or social media advertising that drive traffic to landing pages, we drive buyers directly to your VDP so they can convert. In fact, Speed Shift Media is 3x more effective at driving VDP traffic than traditional SEM and 4.5x more effective at driving VDP traffic than typical display technologies.


more effective at driving
Vehicle Detail Page traffic than traditional SEM.


more effective at driving VDP traffic than typical display technologies.