Light up your pre-owned specials

Highbeam provides you the strategy and means to identify and move your special vehicles by increasing their exposure on high traffic areas of your website.

Light Up Your
Pre-owned Specials!

Vehicle specials have always been an afterthought. The majority of dealer’s use specials, but with little to no strategy in place, as a result, the vehicles being selected are ineffective at getting the buyer's attention and stay on the lot longer.

When specials are used effectively and are given the proper promotion, they assist with reducing time on lot and increasing profits. Highbeam™ provides dealers with the strategy and automation to increase views and engagement.


Highbeams Offers Three Components


Vehicle Selector

Automatically selects inventory based on your pre-owned specials strategy


Promo Module

Highlight your pre-owned special vehicles in high visibility areas of your website


Specials Page

Automatically generates your pre-owned specials web page with current deals

Promo Module

Highbeam increases the views and engagement of featured vehicles by displaying the vehicles on special that best match the car buyer’s search within the SRP and homepage.

  • Lives on the search results page of your website
  • Specials match buyer’s interest
  • Clicks to Vehicle Detail Page
  • Automatic inventory updates
  • Customizable to web design
  • Flexible placement
  • Responsive
  • Highlighted as a special


Specials Page

Highbeam powers your specials web page. This page is updated daily to ensure the inventory on special is always up to date, making it maintenance free and turn-key.

  • Content is fully automated
  • Inventory is easy to navigate
  • No limit on vehicles displayed
  • Clicks to VDP
  • Customizable to web design
  • Responsive


Vehicle Selector

Automatically selects inventory based on your pre-owned specials strategy.

  • Stale
  • Price reduced
  • Off-brand
  • Certified
  • Manually selected


The Results

Speed Shift Media’s Highbeam provides you the strategy to drive specials page views
and engagement to decrease time on lot and maximize profits.


Increased Exposure


Increased VDP Views


Reduce Time on Lot

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