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Attract In-Market Car Buyers

Attract In-Market Buyers, Sell More Cars

Driving quality in-market car buyers to your dealership's website is hard work. Speed Shift Media's Auto Audience Network™ is an inventory display technology that drives the highest quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the cars you have on the lot.

See how the Auto Audience Network increases the number of in-market car buyers who look at your inventory.

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How It Works

The Auto Audience Network generates optimal inventory display ads by featuring cars on a dealer's lot that best match the interests of active in-market buyers.

Hyper-Relevant Dynamic Inventory Display Ads

What's under the hood?

The Auto Audience Network features both advanced native advertising and all standard-sized interactive and mobile-friendly inventory ads. The result? Clean, crisp and engaging inventory ads designed specifically to drive buyers to your dealership's Vehicle Detail Pages are shown everywhere car buyers go to consume information.

  • Links directly to Vehicle Detail Pages
  • Dynamically generated, based on live inventory & buyer preferences
  • Engaging & interactive ad creative
  • Placed at highly visible & native ad positions
  • Shown on premium listing, review & publisher sites
  • Contextually matched to page content
  • Available in all standard IAB sizes
  • Compatible across all devices

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True Targeting, Not Simple Retargeting

The Auto Audience Network™ showcases your vehicles to both new and retargeted buyers keeping your dealership front-of-mind at all stages of the purchasing journey.


Driving New Buyers

The Auto Audience Network drives new buyers by:
  • Profiling local car buyers based on their browsing behavior
  • Featuring the vehicles that best match the individual buyer’s profile
  • Driving matched in-market buyers directly to the dealership’s VDP

of car buyers that the Auto Audience Network drives have never visited your website before.

Retarget Existing Buyers

The Auto Audience Network drives returning buyers by:
  • Featuring unseen vehicles that match the buyer's interest
  • Re-introduce vehicles the buyer has already viewed
  • Drive these buyers back to VDPs

of car buyers are in the market 30+ days. Remarket & keep your brand top-of-mind during the entire car shopping lifecycle.

The Results?

The Auto Audience Network converts at a higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords,
the Google Display Network and Facebook Advertising.

Higher Google Goal Conversion Rate than SEM Advertising

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Display Advertising

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Facebook Advertising

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See how the Auto Audience Network increases the amount of in-market car buyers look at your inventory.

Watch The Product Highlights
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