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Not Attracting Enough Showroom Traffic?

The automotive advertising landscape is highly competitive, and it's becoming harder to convert the same online shoppers into offline sales.

You need to sell more cars, but fewer customers are walking into your showroom. So how do you draw car buyers into your dealership and increase sales?

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Increase Quality VDP Traffic, Increase Showroom Traffic

By showing car shoppers vehicles from your inventory that interest them, you increase your chances of attracting them into your showroom. The more interest in your vehicles, the more cars you’re going to sell.

The Auto Audience Network™ drives local car shoppers who are interested in the cars on your lot, directly to your VDPs.

Bryan Feely

“I can easily go out and buy 10,000 page views. However, If those aren’t from shoppers who are looking to buy the cars in our inventory, then we won’t see the results we are looking for. It really is about the quality of the visitor."

Bryan Feely
Digital eCommerce Manager
Audi Boulder

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How It Works

Sync your inventory

Sync your inventory

We sync your live inventory daily so we know exactly which cars you have on your lot.
Identify local car shoppers

Identify local car shoppers

Our data management platform profiles local online car shoppers based on browsing behaviour to determine which vehicles are of most interest.

Dynamically create hyper relevant ads

Dynamically create hyper relevant ads

Ads are generated based on matching your live inventory with the buyer’s vehicle preference.
Drive buyers directly to your VDP

Drive buyers directly to your VDP

When clicked, these ads drive in-market shoppers directly to your VDP to convert.

Hyper-Relevant Dynamic Inventory Display Ads

What's under the hood?

The Auto Audience Network features both advanced native advertising and all standard-sized interactive and mobile-friendly inventory ads. The result? Clean, crisp and engaging inventory ads designed specifically to drive buyers to your dealership's Vehicle Detail Pages are shown everywhere car buyers go to consume information.

  • Links directly to Vehicle Detail Pages
  • Dynamically generated, based on live inventory & buyer preferences
  • Engaging & interactive ad creative
  • Placed at highly visible & native ad positions
  • Shown on premium listing, review & publisher sites
  • Contextually matched to page content
  • Available in all standard IAB sizes
  • Compatible across all devices

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The Results?

The Auto Audience Network converts at a higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords,  the Google Display Network and Facebook Advertising.

Higher Google Goal Conversion Rate than SEM Advertising

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Display Advertising

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Facebook Advertising

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See how the Auto Audience Network increases the amount of in-market car buyers look at your inventory.

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