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Read how Speed Shift Media helped bring more local car buyers to view OpenRoad's inventory.

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Learn how the Auto Audience Network™ shows your inventory to in-market buyers who are shopping for the cars on your lot.

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Learn how the AAN drives in-market buyers that have never been to your site directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages.

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The Most Advanced Dynamic Inventory Advertising

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Make your clients stand out. The Auto Audience Network™ features both advanced native advertising and all standard-sized interactive and mobile-friendly inventory ads. The results? Clean, crisp and engaging inventory ads designed specifically to drive buyers to your clients' Vehicle Detail Pages are shown everywhere car buyers go to consume information.


Behavioural Targeting Engine

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Imagine being able to follow along as a car shopper looks at cars. It would be easy to see which cars they were interested in and which ones they weren’t. The Auto Audience Network™ targeting engine does exactly this - except with literally millions of car buyers across North America.

By following the car buyer’s online shopping behaviour, our technology determines the exact type of vehicle the buyer is looking for. This allows the Auto Audience Network™ to advertise the right car to the right buyer at the right time and drives the most qualified buyer directly to your clients' VDPs.


Automatic Inventory Updates

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You know that assistant that does the right thing without you having to tell them? The Auto  Audience Network™ InventorySync reviews your client's dealership site on a daily basis and updates your ads with the latest inventory - all without having to tell it to do anything. Did the client add some new inventory? Made a price reduction? Sold a particular vehicle? The Auto Audience Network™ will add, modify and remove these models from your ads automatically.


Metrics Hub - Digital Marketing Insights

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Get the metrics you need to make informed decisions and illuminate your successes. The Auto Audience Network™ Metrics Hub provides in-depth information on all the campaign metrics you need to make informed decisions regarding your digital advertising.

What’s more, our Digital Media Campaign Managers will use data from your client's own Google Analytics to assist you in presenting your results, interpret data and recommend changes to your campaign. Best of all, we do this all in plain English without any technical jargon.