Stop using new car marketing tactics to promote your CPO vehicles. Here’s why.

As Automotive Marketers, we spend most of our waking hours thinking about how we can better promote the vehicles that we...

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What do Metallica, Miles Davis, and Maroon 5 have in common?

What do Metallica, Miles Davis, and Maroon 5 have in common? More importantly, what do they have in common with your...

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Who Do You Trust When it Comes to Your Digital Media Decisions? 

Digital media measurement has been eluding us since it started, and for the most part, it is simply due to the various...

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Why Typical Display Ads Should Not Be a Significant Part of Your Advertising Spend

We’ve talked at length about what should and shouldn’t be a part of your regular advertising spend, month-to-month. I’ve...

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Assessing the Limitations of Print Advertising for your Dealership.

Remember waking up to the Saturday morning newspaper and racing to the comics section? Mom and dad going through,...

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The Absolute Best Places You Can Trim Your Advertising Dollars

“There is no bad press!” has been attributed to a multitude of famous, and pseudo-famous, people that were usually...

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Where does Inventory Display Advertising fit in long term?

It’s always a challenge to change people’s perceptions when they are sure they know exactly what you do based on a single...

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Top 3 Retargeting Problems

The Good, The Bad & The Fugly.

Even as a digital marketer I find myself (at times) yelling at the browser window because...

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What the heck is an In-Market Buyer and where can I find them?

What if everything you think you know about automotive digital marketing was a lie? Someone, somewhere has been...

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