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Message from Steve Kump, President and CTO

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Great Photos, White Space and a Few Other Ways to Keep your Ads from Sucking

There really is just one way to mass broadcast your vehicles to potential buyers. Luckily, it’s also very effective. Yes,...

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The Non-Analytical Guide to Google Analytics for Car Dealers

I’m a car guy at heart, and it’s my 5-year old son who reminded me. We all love cars – that’s why we do what we do. Their...

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Best Selection? Lowest Price? These Differentiators Don’t Work. Here’s What Will.

Here’s a reality check. You have the same new cars as your brand competitor, and you are all competing for the same car...

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If You’re Still Advertising your Vehicles Based on Demographics, You’re Doing it Wrong

Let me ask you a question: I'm a 35-year-old middle-income male, with a wife, two kids and looking to buy my first house....

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Eliminating Digital Marketing Waste Part 2: Improving Efficiency

You know what’s worse than wasting digital marketing spend? Telling your boss that you haven’t fixed it yet.

As the...

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Eliminating Digital Marketing Waste Part 1: Measuring Effectiveness

“What’s the ROI on our digital marketing?” Many dealership Marketing Managers hate it when their GMs ask this question....

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