Automotive MarTech Mash-Up No. 2: Persona Best Practices, Website Speeds, and ROI Perception

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Buyer Personas can not only help you find the ideal customer, but also the ideal product or solution. Your site’s loading time could be dropping the ball more than you think. Plus, dig into a number of key findings made by Nielsen’s Annual Marketing Report.


Source: MarTech Advisor

From MarTech Advisor: User Persona Creation Best Practices for 2020

In order to sell to your customers, you need to understand them first. Buyer Personas are a great way to help you identify who your ideal customers are, regardless of industry. These can then be used to determine whether or not a particular product or solution is the right fit for your business or not.

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Source: Magnetician

From DealerOn: When It Comes to the Internet, Speed Kills

People are impatient and won’t wait even wait for the content they want. A fast webpage load time is crucial in order to keep your audience engaged.

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Source: Arghya

From Nielsen: Annual Report Finds Opportunity for Marketers to Align ROI Perception with Reality

Nielsen’s Annual Marketing Report breaks down the priorities markers have when it comes to the consumer’s buyer journey. The industry as a whole is working towards metrics that can be used to compare all channels.

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COVID-19 is a reminder to not put all your eggs in one basket. CARFAX has made some improvements for even more...

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Dealers - Are You Advertising Click Candy?


Find out which vehicles are eating your VIN-level inventory marketing budgets.


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Automotive MarTech Mash-Up No. 4: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Vendors Closer

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