Automotive MarTech Mash-Up No. 3: Make Way for CPOs, Grayscale Coloured Vehicles, and the Eco-Beast

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CPO sales had another record-breaking year for the ninth consecutive time. Vehicle shoppers are choosing vehicle colours that are gloomy as the weather outside. Also, the roads will soon be humming with a reincarnated Eco-Beast.



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Source: Cox Automotive

From Cox Automotive: CPO Beats Forecast, Sets All-Time Record in 2019

Coming off the backs of another record-setting year for leased vehicles, CPO sales exceeded sales expectations yet again. There were five particular OEMs that represented nearly half of all CPO sales last year.

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Source: BNN Bloomberg

From Auto Remarketing: Vehicle Shoppers Seeing Black and White

If you’re wondering why your bright pink trade-in isn’t selling, here’s why. Consumers prefer to purchase grayscale coloured vehicles such as white, black, grey because they’re less likely to get tired of them. Though if you’re looking into the future and know you’re going to trade that new vehicle in one day, you might want to consider a less-than-ordinary colour.

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Source: Forbes

From The New York Times: Make Way for the Eco-Beast

Remember this beast taking over roads back in the late 90s and early 2000s? Well, it’s coming back and this time it’s going to be more eco-friendly than ever.

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