Automotive MarTech Mash-Up No. 4: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Vendors Closer

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Get the most value from your vendors with full transparency on the performance of your online campaigns by integrating Google Analytics. Nissan’s worst quarter in 10 years is going to lead to some major changes. Plus, find out what marketers are looking for from their ideal vendors.


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From ChiefMartec: The Top 3 Things Marketers Want MarTech Vendors to Improve

A recent study on MarTech Stack Optimization sheds light on what marketers want their vendors to improve in order to better optimize marketing.

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From Digital Dealer: Website Tools Must Support Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is the #1 source of truth when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Keep this in mind when choosing your next vendor to get full transparency into what exactly you’re getting.

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Source: AutoBlog

From The Motley Fool: Nissan Cuts Guidance After Operating Profit Falls 70%

While in the midst of a high-level management change with a new CEO, Nissan experienced its first quarterly loss since the Great Recession. A stale vehicle lineup has been a big factor towards this as consumers are turning towards other makes with newly updated models. This will be supported by an increase in marketing spend and financial incentives for dealers.

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Automotive MarTech Mash-Up No. 5: COVID-19’s Impact on the Auto Industry, CARFAX Improvements, and...


COVID-19 is a reminder to not put all your eggs in one basket. CARFAX has made some improvements for even more...

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Dealers - Are You Advertising Click Candy?


Find out which vehicles are eating your VIN-level inventory marketing budgets.


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Automotive MarTech Mash-Up No. 4: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Vendors Closer

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