Five resources to measure how well your advertising is driving VDP traffic.

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Your dealership likely uses a variety of marketing and advertising technologies to get your inventory, brand and message in front of potential buyers. All of these tools are connected in some way to each other through Google Analytics. In a utopian world your digital marketer would be a Google genius (and can also speak tech-free English) and explain exactly the meaning of the numbers you're looking at. Given we don’t generally live in a perfect world, we’ve taken the time to put together a set of tutorials that will help you pull out data, understand it and have it tell you exactly what you want to know … Is my Direct-to-VDP advertising working?


Introduction to VDP Analytics

In this video you will get a high level understanding of VDP Analytics and learn why you need to segment VDP pages to accurately assess how different ad technologies promote your inventory . Some of the basic terminology is covered and our resident Google Analytics Specialist will provide a broad understanding of some of the reasons for mastering the Google Analytics dashboard. 


Calculate-VDP-per-Session.jpgCalculate VDP-per-Session Metric

In this video our Google Analytics Specialist will take you through the why and how of determining your VDP-per-Session metric which will help you understand on average, how many cars someone is looking at when they arrive on your site.


Calculate-VDP-Efficiency.jpgCalculating your VDP Efficiency rating

If the goal of your advertising is to drive traffic to your inventory, then it’s important to see what percentage of sessions actually make it to at least one Vehicle Detail Page.


video-VDP-Focus.jpgCalculating VDP Focus

Given that your dealership website likely has many sections, it’s important to know exactly what percentage of time your customers are actually spending looking at VDPs rather than service or looking up phone numbers. In this video you will get a great overview how to accomplish this.


Time-on-VDP-Session.jpgCalculating Time-on-VDP Metric

Are your buyers breezing through your Vehicle Detail Pages or are they earnestly looking at the cars you have in inventory. It’s important to note this metric as it will give you a better understanding on how interested buyer are

Now that you have the tools to understand your data, get in there and find out how things have been working. It’s our hope that with a deeper knowledge of the technologies powering your advertising efforts you will be able to see exactly what is working to help you sell more vehicles.

As always, if you have any questions please email us at Speed Shift Media Q&A and our team  will be more than happy to help, set up a one-on-one or demo our tools for you. Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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