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Extend your CPO Marketing with the Auto Audience Network™

What Your Dealers Are
Looking For

As a CPO manager you need to help your dealers sell more cars and increase gross margin. But, if your digital marketing efforts are only focused on your CPO program rather than inventory, then it’s not giving your dealers what they really need: online shoppers who are interested in the cars on their lot.

Give Your CPO Program an Edge

The automotive industry is competitive so you need an advantage to get ahead. It’s time to give your CPO marketing strategy an edge by advertising the CPO cars your dealers have on their lots with the Auto Audience Network.

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The Auto Audience Network helps dealerships effectively market their constantly changing and unique pre-owned inventory in ways that just aren't possible with SEM and SEO.

Additionally, the Auto Audience Network extends your CPO marketing from brand, offers, and recognition to include inventory level advertising that directly benefits your certified dealerships.

How It Works

Identify Local, In-Market Shoppers

Identify Local,
In-Market Shoppers

The Auto Audience Network finds and profiles local car buyers who are interested in your dealer's CPO inventory based on their online research and browsing behaviours.

Dynamically Generates Ads

Generate Ads

Using these profiles, the Auto Audience Network then generates VINDirect inventory ads that feature CPO inventory which best matches buyers' interests.

Drives Buyers Directly to Your VDP

Drive Buyers
Directly to Your VDP

The Auto Audience Network drives these in-market buyers directly to the Vehicle Display Page (VDP) on your CPO website, to convert.

The Results?

The Auto Audience Network converts at a higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords,
the Google Display Network and Facebook Advertising.

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Adwords

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Google Display Network

Higher Goal Conversion Rate than Facebook Advertising

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