We solve the problems that most people try to forget about: Attribution, Ad Blockers, Coop.

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Speed Shift Media's marketing technology helps top publishers in the automotive industry solve some of the most cumbersome problems by enabling Attribution, dealing with Ad Blockers and taking the pain out of the Co-op advertising process.


Tailored Display Solutions

Display ad solutions the way you want them.

With an expert team of product engineers architects and developers, Speed Shift Media is able to satisfy any complex display advertising & attribution needs.

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Native Advertising Solutions

Your ad solutions beyond the Ad Blockers.

Standard display advertising solutions are being targeted by ad blockers and avoided by consumers. Native advertising is a solution designed to deliver a more content rich and consumer friendly environment for branding and tactical advertising. We develop, execute and manage native advertising solutions by integrating dynamic, personalized content directly within your website that is unobtrusive and highly relevant.

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Is the assist worth as much as the goal?

In today's multi-touch marketplace, attributing shopper behavior, intent and sales to specific advertising channels is becoming more and more important.

Speed Shift Media’s proprietary Data Management Platform can track and analyze shopper behaviour from the first point of contact at the publisher website through to the conversion at the dealer website, allowing publishers to demonstrate the value of their offering to advertisers. Our closed loop reporting can empower publishers with detailed attribution reporting relating Dealer website interaction back to vehicle conversion activity, lead creation and even sales, all down to the specific vehicle level.

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Co-op Management

Make your programs co-op eligible without the pain.

Co-op advertising supported by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for Tier 3 automotive requires a significant amount of paperwork, manual tasks and tactical relationship with OEM and their agencies. Speed Shift Media has developed significant technology solutions in order to automate and support tracking and producing OEM-approved coop creatives, pre-approvals and affidavits required in the automotive industry. We supply and manage cooperative advertising solutions for many of the largest publishers in the automotive marketplace today. We are able to significantly reduce staffing and operational costs with an affordable solution.

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Audience Extension

When your inventory just isn’t enough.

In today's competitive marketplace your own network may not be enough. Speed Shift Media has developed an expansive network in order to promote your Tier-3 automotive dealers vehicle inventory and brand advertising. Explore the Auto Audience Network in the Dealer section of our website to learn more and contact us if you have any questions.

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