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Jeff Smith County Chevrolet

Speed Shift Media helped County Chevrolet get in front of the right audience and drive traffic to their Vehicle Detail Pages. This helped grow County Chevrolet’s customer base and increase new car sales volume.

A Common Problem

County Chevrolet had been marketing their store with a combination of Google Adwords, Online Banner Ads and Newspaper Ads. They realized the need to focus their efforts on digital media and to solicit the help of vendors in online advertising — a space they weren’t entirely comfortable with.

They needed to reach a targeted customer base within their local area to increase traffic to their dealership.

How We Helped

Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ provided a mix of dynamic inventory ads. Specifically, in-image ads, dynamic display ads and dynamically re-targeting ads with a focus on new car inventory. The display ads were delivered in automotive reviews, automotive comparison sites, and third party listing sites, as well as top news and information sites in their geographic region.

The most relevant vehicles on County Chevrolet’s lot were pulled into the ad unit and shown to the consumer, based on deep contextual and behavioural targeting and the Auto Audience Network™. Each vehicle shown in the the AAN’s dynamic display ads click directly to the specific Vehicle Detail Page of each vehicle shown.

Results and ROI

Speed Shift Media was able to bring in-market buyers directly to County Chevrolet’s new car VDPs. This strategy increased new car Vehicle Detail Page views and new car sales volume.

VDP Views

January’s year over year VDP views grew from 2,644 to 5,713


24% increase in new car sales thanks to their digital strategy

Jeff Smith

“The Auto Audience Network™ helped us get in front of the right audience and provide us with credibility in the marketplace. January’s year over year VDP views grew from 2,644 to 5,713 and we’ve seen an increase in new car sales of 24% thanks to our digital strategy, and Speed Shift Media is a big part of that.”

Jeff Smith
Dealer Principal
County Chevrolet

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