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Stop the Bull Sh*t: A GM’s Guide to VDP Analytics

Stop the Bull Sh*t: A GM’s Guide to VDP Analytics

There’s lots of talk about VDPs in the market; it’s importance and how it impacts your sales. In fact, your dealership spends thousands, if not millions of dollars, on your digital marketing just to get people onto your VDPs.

Yet, in a market where everyone is saying that they can get you more VDP traffic, what and who’s to believe? How can you tell what’s real and what’s BS?

Join our session and learn how to decode the mumbo jumbo that you’re hearing, translate it into plain English and start taking an active role in your digital marketing.

You'll see how we can help your dealership:

  • Learn how what questions you should be asking about your VDPs.
  • Learn how to know when you’re doing well.
  • Learn what kind of answers your analyst or agency should provide you



Ian Cruickshank
VP of Sales and Marketing
Speed Shift Media

Ian Cruickshank has spent more than 10 years in Marketing and Digital Advertising. As the VP of Sales & Marketing for Speed Shift Media, he is the head of all revenue generating activities. With a Master’s degree in Business and IT Management and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia he is regularly called on to present and lecture on a variety of IT and Digital Marketing concepts.

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