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Brian Jessel BMW

Watch how Speed Shift Media helped Brian Jessel BMW increase their conversions.

Continuously Searching For a Competitive Edge

Hamish McDonald, Digital Marketing Specialist at Brian Jessel BMW, is always looking for a competitive edge. As a result, he is constantly on the lookout for better marketing tactics to help hit his ever increasing targets.

Hamish understood that the actions a car shopper takes after he comes to his website is much more important that the amount of traffic that comes to a website - hence he needed a tool that drove high-quality traffic.

“I knew this was going to be a higher quality tool that was going to get higher quality traffic,” says Hamish. “I knew it was something we could use right away.”

Attracting Actual Car Shoppers Not Just Website Browsers

Upon implementing the Auto Audience Network, Hamish experienced immediate results.

Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ technology was able to identify local car buyers that were interested in the cars that Brian Jessel BMW had in their inventory and then drive those car buyers directly to their VDPs to convert.

“Right away, when we started with Speed Shift Media, we noticed that our conversion rates were higher by 2-3 times.” Explained Hamish. “Speed Shift Media was attracting not just website browsers, but actual car shoppers.”

Immediate Impact

Immediately upon implementing the Auto Audience Network™, Brian Jessel BMW had begun generating results.

Immediate 2x increase in
conversion rates

Increased amount of highly
engaged return visitors

Increased effectiveness with
more cars sold every month

Hamish McDonald

"Right away, when we started with Speed Shift Media, we noticed that our conversion rates were higher by 2-3 times."

Hamish McDonald
Digital Marketing Specialist
Brian Jessel BMW, Vancouver, Canada

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Auto Audience Network™

The Auto Audience Network™ inventory display technology drives the highest quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the vehicles you have on the lot.

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