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McGrath Lexus of Chicago

Situated in Chicago, Illinois, McGrath Lexus is well known for two things; a great tagline: “When you do the math, you choose McGrath” and an amazing attention to the customer experience which includes shoe shines, massages, putting greens and cafes.

Against the Status Quo

Rick Farbo, Director of Internet Sales and Business Development at McGrath Lexus, is a man with many responsibilities. In addition to leading digital marketing and internet sales, Rick is responsible for managing the website, investment reports, 20 group reports, eCommerce and even the digital billboard outside the dealership.

Rick understands that once a car buyer has decided on a vehicle, they will only seek out relevant vehicles that match their criteria while ignoring all others.

His focus on relevant advertising was one of the main reasons Rick chose to shift funds away from premium 3rd party listings and into Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™.

A Relevant Investment

Rick needed to shift his focus from methods that were providing diminishing returns into marketing tactics that got his cars in front of people who were shopping for them.

“Speed Shift Media was able to advertise our cars to people who were looking for them. This made our advertising hyper-relevant to the customer.” says Rick. “The ads are clean and relevant to the customer. It just made sense.”

Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network™ technology was able to identify local car buyers that were interested in the cars that McGrath Lexus had in their inventory and then drive those car buyers directly to McGrath Lexus’ VDPs to convert. 

Do More With Less

Within the first few months, the shift in investment from premium 3rd party listings to the Auto Audience Network™ has already netted very encouraging results.

Increased savings of digital
marketing spend every month

Increased marketing performance compared to premium listings

Increased effectiveness with
more cars sold every month

Rick Farbo


"By shifting funds to the Auto Audience Network™, we’re saving digital marketing spend every month and we are enjoying a much better marketing performance when compared to premium listings.

With this shift in digital strategy, we were able to increase our effectiveness and sell more cars every month."

Rick Farbo
Director of Internet Sales and Business Development
McGrath Lexus, Chicago

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