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Understanding Vehicle Detail Page Engagement:
How Media Interaction Impacts Car Sales

Understanding Vehicle Detail Page Engagement

Should Dealers Put So Much Emphasis on Leads?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to any business function. It is no different in the world of digital marketing for automotive dealerships. The predominant metric is lead submissions on any one of many lead forms. In fact, this metric is perceived to be so important that many dealerships disregard many other metrics and use this as the only gauge of their marketing efforts.

Though, more recently, there has been a growing movement of dealership marketing experts claiming that “lead forms are dead” or “shoppers don’t like filling out forms” and that it’s Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) engagement that should the be the main metric to measure - not lead submissions....

This white paper answers the following questions:

  1. Should lead submissions count as the most important digital marketing metric since they only account for 24% of all interested shoppers?
  2. What, if any, is a better metric to use to that correlates marketing efforts to vehicle sales?


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