Inventory Marketing Platform

Speed Shift Media’s Inventory Marketing Platform provides best-in-class solutions for dealership inventory marketers.

SSM Platform Components


Auto Audience™

Local, qualified, in-market auto buyers.

Auto Audience

The Auto Audience comprises qualified online car buyers identified on SSM’s Premium Network.

SSM creates, scores and ranks multi-dimensional, interest-based buyer profiles. These profiles can be used in specialized targeting campaigns to achieve high post-click performance.

Premium Network

Premium access, without the cost prohibitive barrier to entry.

For a fraction of what it costs to buy direct, SSM offers access to standard and exclusive ad positions on premium automotive sites.

SSM’s Premium Network consists of top automotive websites with dedicated, front-and-center ad positions. Compared to standard IAB ad sizes, SSM’s in-image, in-content, and in-listings ad formats provide superior performance.



Ad units as adaptive as your changing marketing needs.


VINDirect dynamic ad units are clean, crisp, and engaging live inventory-powered ads designed specifically to drive buyers to dealership VDPs.

Ad formats include standard IAB, native, and custom sizes, compatible across all devices.

Co-op Command™

Simplify your Co-op program management.

Co-op Command makes it simple and easy for marketers to take full advantage of OEM co-op programs.

SSM automates and optimizes the labor-intensive, manual workflows associated with digital co-op processes. Co-op Command combines SSM’s inventory marketing technology with an OEM co-op compliance automation layer. SSM generates, stores, and distributes the documentation required for dealer reimbursement.



Turnkey, hassle-free inventory collection.


 AutoSync automatically syncs live dealer inventory every 8 hours, without the need for third party inventory feeds.

AutoSync cleans and normalizes vehicle meta data and captures deep-links direct to dealer website VDPs. Most importantly, AutoSync keeps all ads up to date based on changes in available dealer inventory.

Metrics Hub™

On-demand performance reporting.

Metrics Hub portal provides on-demand online reporting for campaign, inventory, and Google Analytics-based insights.

Metrics Hub plugs directly into Google Analytics to paint a picture of campaign performance, right down to the inventory level. Incorporating sales data allows SSM to offer vehicle-level attribution insights.



Triple-distilled click fraud filtration.

2019_Click Secure

ClickSecure blocks clicks and impressions from medium-risk, high-risk and extreme-risk websites, and filters out clicks from suspicious behavior or non-human sources. Resulting clicks are then audited against Fraudlogix IP filters, IAB bot lists, and SSM's own proprietary fraud detection technology to ensure the maximum quality clicks are delivered.

ClickSecure ensures brand safety by excluding publishers of questionable content such as mature, explicit, derogatory, religious, and political material.

Enterprise Connect™

White-labelled workflow integration for enterprise-level organizations.

Enterprise Connect maximizes ROI by enabling workflow automation at the enterprise level.

Enterprise Connect integration can be fully white-labelled as per your organization brand specifications. Integration includes reporting, automation, workflow improvements, campaign fulfillment, audience management, inventory data aggregation, and more.


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