SSM Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is in our DNA, it’s what powers our inventory marketing campaigns.

SSM Predictive Analytics is fuelled by market, audience, inventory, and campaign data.
By analyzing these data points we are able to provide actionable insights and optimizations
in real time.


Audience Engagement Marketing

Vehicle Selection

Predictive Analytics enables SSM to serve the right vehicle to the right buyer, at the right time.

We capture and analyze buyer intent-based behavior activity from publisher review and listings sites, to measure levels of engagement throughout the vehicle purchase process.

Serving the best vehicles to buyers as they move through the purchase process ensures the highest quality VDP traffic within ad campaigns.

Integrated Inventory Insights

SSM leverages VIN-level sales, inventory, and advertising data to provide strategic campaign optimizations and insights.

Vehicle time on lot data is used to optimize campaigns based on fresh vs stale inventory. Incorporating VDP engagement data allows us to balance and normalize VDP performance for under- and over-performing vehicles.

Shopper activity on each vehicle is tracked and reported in terms of specific significant actions taken. Engagement intensity levels are measured by vehicle to understand shopper behavior and vehicle popularity with the most active audience.


Real-time Contextual Optimizations


SSM crunches daily campaign performance numbers, making adjustments to achieve goals.

Real-time contextual optimizations are made by analyzing on-page buyer activity data, scoring buyer intent, and optimizing inventory accordingly.

Where applicable, we ingest OEM co-op regulations to ensure in-ad creative and inventory compliance.

Market Driven Insights

SSM makes real-time campaign adjustments based on a deep understanding of in-market trends and sold vehicle data.

By connecting sold vehicle data points with market trend data, we are able to derive actionable insights which are then used to optimize campaigns.

To maximize ROI, we leverage in-market activity to assist in making actionable, suggestive insights.


Custom Solutions

Increase Conversions

To accommodate ever-evolving marketing needs, SSM's Predictive Analytics supports customized logic workflows.

Custom workflows are able to leverage third party data to enhance campaign optimization.

Specialized reporting exports and dashboards are made possible through the SSM Predictive Analytics infrastructure.

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