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Cars in a car dealership

Generating automotive sales
is doesn't have to be hard work

We've driven over 1,500,000 qualified car shoppers directly to Vehicle Detail Pages in the last 3 months.

Let's start driving some to yours

I'm ready to grow my results.
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What can Speed Shift Media do for you?


Advertise your inventory to qualified car buyers

Get your live inventory in front of more qualified car buyers. Speed Shift Media consistently delivers more than 320 Million advertisements per month.


Drive more car buyers to your VDPs

Every quarter we drive 1.5 million qualified car buyers to VDPs. In fact, Speed Shift Media generates more VDP traffic per dollar than Google, Yahoo, Facebook and many other advertising channels.


Help you sell more cars and trucks

It’s now an accepted fact - VDP traffic has now replaced showroom traffic as a way to forecast vehicle sales. The more VDP traffic you get, the more sales you can expect.

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The Auto Audience™ Network helped us get in front of the right audience and provide us with credibility in the marketplace. January’s year-over-year VDP views grew from 2,644 to 5,713 and we’ve seen an increase in new car sales of 24%, thanks to our digital strategy and Speed Shift Media is a big part of that.

Not only do they offer truly turnkey and innovative display advertising solutions, Speed Shift Media provides a top-notch customer experience. No issue is too big or small to tackle and they always go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met.

Your product is very very focused, that’s why I wanted to have you on the show. This is a display advertising product, in my words, display on steroids... this is going to give dealers the ability to have super-charged, highly-targeted display advertising with their inventory, that when consumers engage – drive those clicks directly to the VDP’s.

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