Success Story


Success Story


EZ-Results is an automotive internet marketing firm located in Toronto, Canada who prides themselves on providing the highest level of service and digital solutions for their dealers. EZ-Results is a boutique full-service agency that tailors their innovative products to meet the needs of their individual clients.

Problem: Needed Something Better

EZ-Results believes in challenging the status quo and offering their dealers the cutting edge digital marketing solutions. Scott Mckeagan, VP of Digital Marketing, knew google retargeting was a product offering every agency had. He wanted to offer something better than his competitors; he needed a superior retargeting technology.

Scott knew dynamic retargeting was a part of the technology Speed Shift Media offered. He had been a follower of the brand for a few years and connected with several thought-leadership pieces.

“I kept trying to create a better solution than what we had available, however, after doing my research, I quickly realized that the product already existed with Speed Shift. It only made sense to partner with them.”

True Targeting, Not Just Retargeting

Unlike typical retargeting solutions he’d seen in the market, the Auto Audience Network™ was able to bring buyers back by intelligently retargeting with relevant inventory–like vehicles they have engaged with and unseen vehicles that are similar.

Scott quickly understood he didn’t have to limit dynamic display ads to just retargeting, he could also attract new buyers to the dealer’s website before the competition–a concept that was new to him. The full potential of what Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network had to offer became evident to Scott.

The Auto Audience Network dynamic display technology drives high quality Vehicle Detail Page traffic for EZ-Results customers by finding in-market car buyers who are actively shopping for the cars their dealers have on the lot.

Outstanding Results

Within the first few months of implementing the Auto Audience Network, EZ results started generating results for their dealer clients.

Return Visitors from Speed Shift Media:

Time On Site (TOS)

VDP Visits

Higher ToS than other paid sources
Higher ToS than other organic traffic

VDP Visits

Higher VDP/Session than other paid sources
Higher VDP/Session than direct traffic

“The Auto Audience Network™ helped us get in front of the right audience and provide us with credibility in the marketplace. January’s year over year VDP views grew from 2,644 to 5,713 and we’ve seen an increase in new car sales of 24% thanks to our digital strategy, and Speed Shift Media is a big part of that.”

Scott Mckeagan

VP of Digital Marketing
EZ Results