Success Story

Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Success Story

Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is an organization with strong values and a clear mission. They focus on bringing high value to their organization, but they hold a greater focus on enriching the lives of the people and the markets they serve.

Discovering New Ways to Do More with Less

Efficiency is always in mind at Larry H. Miller and at a time when the new car market is expected to be flat, being efficient is all the more important. So how can you get more value from the traffic that is already coming to your websites via organic and paid traffic?

As a high performing company with a focus on ensuring that all parts of the business are delivering value, the LHM team saw room for improvement by getting more value out of the traffic coming to the Search Results Page (SRP) on their dealerships websites.

What if we could somehow promote the featured pre-owned vehicles in the space where so many visitors were already spending their time? What if there was a simple way to automate the selection and the promotion of pre-owned vehicles right at the top of the SRP?

It was clear that LHM needed a website optimization tool which would enable the quick and seamless integration and promotion of their featured pre-owned vehicles.

“Highlighting specific vehicles that need help showcasing has never been easier. We work hard to earn site traffic – I need good software to help that traffic see the value in our inventory.”

Doug Petersen, Director of Digital Marketing at LHM Dealership

A Simple, Yet Effective Solution

Each month used car managers all over the country are manually selecting which vehicles to feature in the Used Car Specials page. These managers are typically looking at tools like VAuto or VINFactor to understand how their vehicles are priced to market or how scarce their vehicles are. These managers can now easily choose which cars to promote on their specials page.

Once these cars make it to the typical Used Car Specials page, you might expect that they would be ready to fly off the lot. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. The reality is that the Specials pages on dealers sites will generally see less than 0.5% of the overall site traffic.

That’s where Highbeam steps in. Speed Shift Media’s Highbeam puts the spotlight on the vehicles that you most want to promote such as aged units, highly discounted units, or all of your off-brand vehicles. The Highbeam system can automatically choose the vehicles that you should be promoting and place them into your automated Specials page.

Once the vehicles are in the Specials page the real magic begins. Highbeam’s dynamic inventory technology populates a high impact promotional module at the top of your Used Car Search Results Page. Instantly the traffic to your featured inventory is multiplied.

The results? Impressions increased on average by 10X and Clicks to Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) increased on average by 3X.

“A significant increase of visibility for our Pre-Owned Specials is great, but it’s even better when you can see that the users who engage with the Highbeam module are viewing more vehicle photos and engaging more with our calls to action.”

Doug Petersen

Director of Digital Marketing
LHM Dealerships