Success Story

KIA Canada

Success Story

KIA Canada

KIA Motors America has an award-winning Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program that has been outpacing the industry standard with record-breaking sales for 16 consecutive months, as of May 2017. Year-over-year, KIA Canada saw a distinct increase in profitability of their CPO Program for themselves and their dealers.

Changing Tactics

Similar to many other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) CPO programs, KIA initially focused on brand awareness and program benefits. Their primary goals were to build brand equity and CPO program awareness. However, to remain competitive, they began to introduce more innovation into the program. Under the guidance of Stephane Lubin (Manager of National Remarketing and CPO at KIA Canada), they recently shifted from being all about the brand to layering in dynamic inventory marketing. This change is one which benefited Kia to meet the needs of their dealers directly.

Investing more into inventory level advertising for CPO helped drive consumers to be more aware of the specific certified vehicles available in-market, while continuing to build awareness of the Kia CPO program. This change enabled KIA’s franchise dealers to see a direct benefit from the OEM investment.

“The goal of a CPO program is to increase brand awareness and reach the most qualified customers as possible. That’s how our dealer partners get value from our advertising spending. Dealers can see that the brand is putting money back into marketing that directly benefits them and the sale of more certified pre-owned vehicles. Speed Shift has helped us with that by enabling inventory-level advertising and more vehicle detail page exposure.”

Stephane Lubin, Manager of National Remarketing and CPO at KIA Canada

A Unique Solution

“We decided to go with Speed Shift because no one in the marketplace understands inventory marketing the way that they do, and no one has been able to make inventory marketing as accessible as they do with the Auto Audience Network,” says Stephane.

While a consumer is shopping and making decisions on their next vehicle purchase, the Auto Audience Network™ will target them based on their past behavior and lead them directly to a live Vehicle Detail Page (VDP). For the car buyer, this facilitates and accelerates the typical buying process. For the advertiser, it takes the guesswork out of planning and buying media in hopes of showing the right in-stock vehicle to the right buyer, resulting in a win-win for both the buyer and brand.

As a result of this change, KIA was able to increase exposure for the live inventory on dealers’ lots while driving down their advertising cost. This led to them selling cars and saving dollars overall, by reducing what would have been a higher spend when compared to buying display ads directly from more typical classified and listing sites. The Auto Audience Network is capable of targeting individual shoppers with the specific cars or similar cars that they have been shopping for online. The relevance of the messaging increases the performance of the ads and enables Speed Shift to be more efficient and cost-effective for its customers.


Working with Speed Shift Media led to some great improvements for KIA’s CPO program:


VDP Traffic

Increase in total VDP traffic


Time on Site

SSM visitors stayed longer


More Conversions

Compared to KIA's website average

“Through significant changes to the CPO program at KIA, and to the way that we marketed our certified vehicles in 2017, KIA Canada and our dealers have seen a distinct increase in profitability.”

Stephane Lubin

Manager of National Remarketing and CPO
KIA Canada