Dealers: Are you using video to boost sales?

Dealers: Are you using video to boost sales?

Anyone who’s been a regular user of the internet of the past decade has witnessed the rise of online video. With the spread of broadband access and video-capable smartphones, sites like YouTube and Vimeo have become major content channels for businesses and individuals alike. And the trend is not exclusive of automotive sales.

A recent post on industry website Automotive News highlighted the growing importance that dealers make use of video in their online marketing efforts:

“Search engine giant Google, which owns, says more than half of all car shoppers watch at least a half-hour of video during the buying process. One in four watches an hour or more, Google says.

Likewise, recent data from show that shoppers are 20 percent more likely to click on a specific vehicle listing if it has video.”

With the proliferation of mobile and other devices capable of shooting HD video, along with a bevy of low-cost video-editing software, the barriers to an SMB being able to shoot its own professional-quality videos have been greatly reduced.

For car dealers, video content can be cross-purposed across marketing channels. The same video that increases consumer engagement on third-party portals like can be repackaged into email marketing efforts or display advertising campaigns.

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