How to Convert Site Visitors into Phone Calls

How to Convert Site Visitors into Phone Calls

When promoting a dealership website, it’s easy to get caught up in Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like time on site and click path. However, what is your ultimate goal? If you’re hoping to drive calls, there are plenty of measures you can use to increase your ratio of site visits to phone calls. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at a number of proven best practices that, if implemented properly, will help you in your perpetual quest to drive more phone calls to your dealership.

Make Your Phone Number Visible
Though it seems obvious, having a visible phone number on your dealership website is essential. While it is common practice to display a phone number on the homepage, many dealerships fail to display a phone number on every page of their site. This is particularly important on vehicle detail pages (VDP), as you want to make it as simple and painless as possible for an interested buyer to make that all important phone call. 

1-800 in Rural Markets
If you serve a rural market, it’s extremely important to offer a 1-800 number. Though cell phones generally mitigate the long distance barrier, there are still cases in which you risk losing a customer who is not willing to make a long distance call.

Online Chat
Though you may consider chat an alternative option for those who would otherwise call your dealership directly, chat can work to help drive phone calls. After obtaining some basic information about hours of operation, or a specific vehicle, interested consumers are actually more likely to pick up the phone and connect directly. Be sure and train those responsible for providing chat services to encourage phone calls. Once they’ve answered the consumer’s initial question, it’s a great opportunity to remind them that a sales person is standing by to help them with further information.

Call to Action
In addition to displaying a phone number on every page, be sure and include a clear call to action (CTA), such as “Call to Find Out More” or “Call Now.” Make it evident that you are prepared to provide additional information over the phone.

Hours of Operation
It is also extremely important to display your hours of operation throughout your site; from your homepage to your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP). This will help manage expectations for customers and avoid frustrations should a buyer call after hours.

Incentivize Them!
Offering incentives is not a new concept in dealership marketing; it is, however, highly effective when driving phone calls. Moreover, an incentive that includes a sense of urgency can drastically increase your site visit-to-call ratio. 

“Next 5 Callers Receive a Free Window Tint”
“Call Now for Your Chance to Win a Free Oil Change”

Offering a low-cost incentive can pay off with increased qualified phone calls. 

We encourage you to put each of these best practices to work in your dealership marketing efforts. A few simple tweaks to your website and a new approach to online chat can provide the boost in phone calls you’re seeking. At Speed Shift Media, we are proud to offer a robust display advertising platform designed specifically for the unique needs of the modern car dealership. We are here to help you engage your target customer, at the optimal point in the sales funnel. If you’re ready to boost your dealership marketing efforts, we encourage you to contact us today. Learn why the industry’s leading dealerships entrust their marketing efforts to us!