How to Increase Your Internet Close Rate

How to Increase Your Internet Close Rate

Though driving web leads is a very important component of any dealership marketing strategy, it’s really only half the battle. After all, what good does a stack of highly targeted web leads do for you if they don’t convert into sales? This is precisely why we’re taking a closer look at the art of improving your internet close rate. With a little planning and execution you can take those web leads, which you’ve gathered through painstaking marketing efforts, and exceed even your loftiest sales goals!

Stay on Top of Your Leads

Acting with haste after receiving a web lead is of utmost importance. The average consumer today is very apprehensive to complete a lead form. Therefore, when you receive a web lead, you should assume the consumer is ready to buy. Follow up via phone as quickly as possible. Review all information provided and be prepared to address questions about the vehicle of interest. If you’re unable to reach them on your first attempt, continue following up throughout the day until you can connect.

Schedule Test Drives

Once you’ve made contact with your lead, it’s imperative to schedule a test drive. Be sure and get a test drive scheduled while you have them on the phone. Appointment Boarding Pass is a highly effective appointment scheduler that can greatly increase your test drive show-up rate. This simple interface sends an email confirmation of a scheduled test drive, providing all of the information your customer will need to arrive at your dealership and report for their test drive. It looks just like an airline boarding pass so they place higher value on it and show up more often. (Shout out to the inventor: Robert Karbaum)

Consider Each Lead “Hot”

As a car salesperson, it’s not uncommon to focus more energy on a consumer who is physically on the lot and less energy on a web lead. However, it’s important to keep in mind that recent research from J.D. Power & Associates revealed that the average consumer only visits 1.4 dealerships before making a purchase. This is why it’s important to put the time and energy into nurturing web leads. If you can successfully entice the lead to visit your lot, you will undoubtedly increase your internet close rate. Consider every web lead as “hot” as a potential customer who just stepped onto the lot!

Advertise in the Right Marketing Channels

As consumers take to the web to research buying options, it is up to you as an advertiser to provide real-time, compelling content. This could not be more evident in the automotive industry. With so much competition, it’s important to serve the right creative/inventory at the moment the consumer is ready to schedule a test drive. At Speed Shift Media, we are proud to offer the most intuitive dealership display advertising platform on the market today. Our proprietary Auto Audience™ Network delivers the perfect combination of the very best in search and display advertising in a hyper-targeted network. We serve your vehicle inventory alongside similar vehicle reviews, on top publisher sites, driving highly targeted traffic directly to your vehicle details pages.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your web leads and increasing that all important close rate. At Speed Shift Media, we are here to ensure your success. As your dealership display advertising provider, we’re more than a vendor, we’re your strategic partner. Are you ready to learn more about our dealership display advertising platform? Schedule a demo today! Allow us to show you the power of contextually relevant dealership display advertising!