Improving Car Dealer Sales in Summer

Improving Car Dealer Sales in Summer

Like the temperature, things usually heat up in the summer for car dealerships. The days are longer – which means more shopping time for consumers, new vehicle models are released, and dealerships often run sales to entice more car buyers onto the lot. Also, traveling becomes a big priority in the summertime: AAA reported in 2013 that 66% of Americans were planning on taking a summer trip. And while there is usually more activity in the auto industry during the summer, dealers also face some unique challenges that make it difficult for them to grow and sustain their sales to a sufficient level.

The Challenges Of Growing Business In The Summer

The popularity of summer vacations is a major contributor to the difficulty of increasing car sales for dealerships in the summer months. Also, customers are on the move for other reasons, college students often return home from school in the summer months while others may temporarily move to a new area to seek out seasonal employment. Despite these challenges, there is an easy way for car dealerships to consistently drive traffic to their dealer web sites and improve their presence in the minds of prospective customers: targeted display advertising that is compatible with mobile devices.Using Mobile Display Advertising In The Summer

Why is it so beneficial for car dealerships to leverage the power of mobile display advertising to improve their summertime sales? Several key reasons:

  • Mobile advertising allows dealerships to target consumers on their smartphones or tablets. Even when people are traveling, they generally bring their phone or tablet with them. Mobile devices are becoming extremely important in the path to purchase: research by Nielsen shows that, on average, consumers spend about 15 hours each week researching things they want to buy on mobile sites and apps.
  • The best, targeted mobile ads use mobile-friendly advertising networks that support technology like HTML5. This greatly reduces the frequency of crashes or bugs involving your advertising and allows your ads to be loaded on many different kinds of mobile devices.
  • Because mobile advertising increases the frequency with which consumers see your advertisements, it increases the strength of your brand. In this way, mobile display advertising can make your dealership a stronger force in your local market and more memorable than other competing dealerships.

In addition to these advantages, if you work with the right provider you can also get the benefit of using a mobile advertising platform that is very easy to track. Helpful dashboards allow for statistics on demand, meaning you always have the information you need about page visits, click through rates, and other metrics to make informed decisions about your advertising campaign.


Your dealership can maximize summer sales with a digital marketing campaign. Keep up with your customers and broaden your marketing capabilities by investing in mobile display advertising. Help ensure your prospects are exposed to your brand and inventory even when they are not in front of their computer.

At Speed Shift Media, our focus is on helping dealerships use display and in-image inventory ads to get in front of the right buyers. Our IAB in-image ad format is mobile friendly. Combining this format and using dynamic display ads, we give you the real-time ability to advertise to the people who are most interested in your vehicles. Let Speed Shift Media help you maximize your advertising ROI to heat up your sales as the mercury rises.