Is Your Display Solution Truly Dynamic?

Is Your Display Solution Truly Dynamic?

A recent article on industry news site Marketing Land highlighted the fact that while numerous companies operating in the dynamic online advertising space claim to offer dynamic creative, not all of them necessarily do. It’s a question of how you define “dynamic creative” and unfortunately, to date Webster’s online dictionary still yields zero search results for that query.

How To Gauge Dynamic

So how does one really assess how “dynamic” a display ad solution is? Two main criteria are offered up to help answer the question:

  • Interactivity
  • Customization

Consequently, a dynamic solution rates high on both scales of interactivity and customizability.

That means interactivity that goes well beyond simple Flash animations, incorporating such elements as social media feeds, live chat functionality, and scrolling product listings, to name just a few examples. At the high end of the customization scale is real-time, on the fly targeting of ad elements. It means that each ad served can maximize across dimensions of personalization and relevancy, targeted across multiple conditions (e.g. page content, user’s location, user’s past online behavior). A truly dynamic solution offers an intelligent impression-by-impression coalescence of data points such that each ad served really is (we know it’s an industry cliché) the right message, at the right time, for the right person.

Okay, Now Why?

The ultimate outcome of course, is better performance and ROI through an ultimately lower CPA. Of course, not all display campaigns require a dynamic ad. For example, upper funnel campaigns where a static banner will suffice and reach is more important than engagement. Even there, however, the right solution-provider can offer expanded opportunities for more dynamic brand engagement. With increasingly competitive CPMs from leading solution-providers, we’re likely to see increased interest from businesses and agencies alike in making dynamic online display a key component of the modern marketing mix.