Dealers - Are You Advertising Click Candy?


Find out which vehicles are eating your VIN-level inventory marketing budgets.


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Assessing the Limitations of Print Advertising for your Dealership.

Remember waking up to the Saturday morning newspaper and racing to the comics section? Mom and dad going through,...

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The Absolute Best Places You Can Trim Your Advertising Dollars

“There is no bad press!” has been attributed to a multitude of famous, and pseudo-famous, people that were usually...

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Where does Inventory Display Advertising fit in long term?

It’s always a challenge to change people’s perceptions when they are sure they know exactly what you do based on a single...

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Five resources to measure how well your advertising is driving VDP traffic.

Your dealership likely uses a variety of marketing and advertising technologies to get your inventory, brand and message...

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Top 3 Retargeting Problems

The Good, The Bad & The Fugly.

Even as a digital marketer I find myself (at times) yelling at the browser window because...

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What the heck is an In-Market Buyer and where can I find them?

What if everything you think you know about automotive digital marketing was a lie? Someone, somewhere has been...

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Enhance your VDP photos with our top 5 photo apps

There are two ways to showcase the inventory on your lot, the right way, and the stock way. By that, we mean using stock...

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Why is Driving Traffic Directly to VDPs better than Generic Landing Pages?

Why is direct-to-VDP advertising better than landing a buyer on a typical landing page? The adage is true, "The shortest...

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Why do dealerships still run display ads even though they suck?

If I told you 50 years ago that in 2016 newspaper ads would be virtually useless, billboards only served to distract...

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