Reporting, Ad Management Center Enhancements

Reporting, Ad Management Center Enhancements

Earlier this week we released a mini update to our dynamic display ad platform that included some enhancements to our application’s ad management and reporting modules.

We’ve done a makeover of our reporting summary dashboard, with improved visualizations of report data in a more intuitive, at-a-glance charting interface. We’ve also included additional reporting filters that provide greater granularity when viewing and comparing campaign metrics by time period.

Enhancements have also been made to the Media Center view of our platform’s ad management module, making it easier for application administrators to see which of their ad tags have been flighted and when.

Finally, we’ve relaunched an improved version of our platform’s integrated help site, where administrators can quickly look up additional details on application features and find answers to commonly asked questions.

We’ve still got the pedal to the metal though, working on the next round of features and enhancements designed to make the Speed Shift Media platform truly the next evolution in online display.