Speed Shift Media Delivers Unprecedented Results Through Their Auto Audience™ Network

Speed Shift Media Delivers Unprecedented Results Through Their Auto Audience™ Network

Speed Shift Media, the leading provider of dynamic inventory display advertising solutions, is proud to release success metrics for their Auto Audience Network. A cutting-edge new approach to automotive display advertising, those leveraging the Auto Audience Network are reporting an average engagement ratio of 1 in 5 ad impressions; a virtually unparalleled success metric.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Wednesday, May 28, 2014 — Speed Shift Media, the leading provider of automotive display advertising solutions, is proud to release early success metrics from their recently launched Auto Audience Network. This leading edge ad unit is yielding an unprecedented 21.8% engagement rate, a figure which exceeds industry averages for in-image display ads by nearly 12 times.

Founded in 2004, Speed Shift Media has been providing dynamic display advertising solutions for publishers and agencies for more than eight years. In the company’s short, yet remarkable history, the developers behind Speed Shift Media have successfully changed the landscape of dealership display advertising. Leveraging advertiser inventory with self-optimizing behavioral targeting, Speed Shift Media is now successfully connecting engaged consumers with hyper-targeted, in-image advertising; a combination that is driving unprecedented results.

In-image advertising is yet another buzzword to hit the digital marketing world in recent years. The team at Speed Shift Media however warns that not all in-image ads are created equal. A large portion of in-image advertising is focused on brand awareness, an approach that does not take advantage of the advertising method’s true potential. Having identified an untapped area of opportunity, the Speed Shift Media leadership team recently made the strategic decision to create what is known today as the Auto Audience Network.

“We provide dynamic display advertising for inventory display ads that use highly advanced technology to find the right buyer effectively in the marketplace,” said Steve Kump, President and CTO at Speed Shift Media. “In working with a large number of auto review publishers we have created a great new network where we are serving an in-image ad, with a number of key differences.”

The Auto Audience Network uses Speed Shift Media’s ability to serve ads dynamically and assess elements on a specific Web page, thus enabling them to deliver a vehicle that matches the content being read by the user. Speed Shift Media achieves this by using its website analysis and data tools to target an automotive intender and serve the appropriate vehicle from a specific dealers’ inventory.

“If a consumer is reviewing a Porsche Cayenne S 2013, what they will see in that ad unit is all of the Porsche Cayenne S 2013 models from our dealer partners in their local area,” Kump explained.

Referred to by Kump as “perfect contextual targeting,” Speed Shift Media’s Auto Audience Network enables the identification of the exact make, model and year of vehicle in which a consumer is interested. This unprecedented level of targeted is yielding never before seen results in automotive display advertising. In figures released earlier this month, Speed Shift Media is proud to report an average engagement rate of 21.8%; compared to industry average of 1.9%. In addition, advertisers are reporting a 20% drop in cost per lead, a 30% rise in overall lead quality and a 22% increase in time on site. In short, these figures are redefining the display advertising landscape for auto dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

With plans already underway to offer the Auto Audience Network to more auto dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada in the coming year, Speed Shift Media is just getting started. Watch for more exciting announcements from the entire Speed Shift Media family as they continue to explore new ways to cater to the unique marketing needs of the automotive industry.