Speed Shift Media Makes Launch Official

Speed Shift Media Makes Launch Official

We made our official launch announcement the other day and are excited to emerge as a new player in the online advertising space.

Our innovative platform combines product inventory data and customizable messaging with sophisticated targeting and optimization technologies to create dynamic creative ad units that engage online consumers and provide a solid ROI for advertisers.

“We’re excited at the opportunity to present our solution suite to digital publishers, ad agencies, and businesses,” said Steve Kump, Speed Shift Media president and CTO. “Our dynamic, inventory-powered web ads are not only effective at driving conversions, they’re highly flexible and vertical-agnostic, able to help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their marketing goals.”

Whether displaying deals-of-the-day, a local automotive dealer’s inventory, or a retailer’s in-stock sale items, our robust targeting technologies, including behavioral, 3rd-party data segment, and retargeting, match ad content to each impression. This ensures the right message is always being delivered to the right consumer at the right time.

“At Speed Shift Media we’re committed to building a reputation as an agile and forward-looking solution provider and ongoing innovator in the dynamic display advertising space,” Kump stated. “We know how fast the technology and the industry are evolving and we’re positioning ourselves to be on its cutting edge for our clients.”