The Millennials Are Here – What Now?

The Millennials Are Here – What Now?

You’ve probably heard the term “Millennials” (also known as Gen Ys) used to describe young adults aged 16 – 32 years old. This group is quickly becoming the most influential consumer group in the economy due to its size. At the same time, the digital age has affected the ways we communicate with each other, how we use and access the Internet and where we turn for information on consumer goods. As such, auto dealers must take a new approach to marketing and communicating with Millennial prospects.

Fortunately, there are many tools available to open the channels of communication, including websites, mobile apps, social media and blogs. Picking the right tools and using them effectively is how dealers will need to sell cars to Millennials. So let’s consider a few suggestions on how to bring them in your door:

Take a novel approach when reaching out to Millennials

Millennials have grown up in the digital age, with their own cellphones, smart devices, and constant access to the Internet. According to a study conducted by eBay, the overwhelming majority of Gen Ys head to the web to gather vehicle information. Millennials like comparison shopping and making car purchasing decisions using social media, blogs and websites; they are not hitting the auto dealership until much later in the buying process.

This means a shift in how to sell cars to Millennials. Grabbing the attention of this group requires tossing out conventional marketing methodology and developing a more interactive experience that engages customers through online conversations and encourages social media sharing.

Know what Millennials want – from a vehicle and from their dealer

Like any of the aged-based consumer groups, Millennials seek affordability, efficiency and reliability. However, they’re focused on other factors more than their counterparts.
– Technology is an absolute must. Gen Ys want cars that are compatible with all of their devices for charging and listening to music.– Millennials want to express their personality through their car, so customization is key. More auto manufacturers are offering several choices for interior color, features and styling.– Eco-friendly features are another perk Gen Ys look for in a vehicle. They’re buying hybrids and gas efficient vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint.
This age group also views your auto dealership differently than older generations, so the question of how to sell cars to Millennials also involves your staff. Despite the fact that Millennials start their research online, they seek a human touch when it comes to purchasing. They’re used to sharing content on social media and generating conversations, so they want their voice to be heard when they’re ready to buy. So instruct your team to ask lots of questions and seek to understand the buyers needs – not a bad idea with all customers, in fact.

Use the right marketing channels to target Millennials

When looking at how to sell cars to Millennials, it’s important to know where they’re hanging out online. You need to be part of the conversation on social media sites, popular blogs, message boards and sharing platforms. Also, use messaging to communicate with Gen Y customers. They like to feel that they’re important, so deliver personalization with your content.

In addition, the vast majority of Millennials primarily access the Internet via mobile devices. Implementing a mobile-optimized website, responsive web design or creating a user friendly app is essential. Dealers should also incorporate features that encourage certain actions in their mobile sites, such as initiating a text conversation or inputting contact information.

Invest in dynamic display ads

Because they appreciate a personalized experience, dynamic display ads are an effective way to reach Millennials at a reasonable cost. This technology enables you to adjust your ad material at the exact moment it is displayed to a user online, making the encounter appear more tailored to the interests of your prospect. You can identify certain demographics, use search history or site visits to customize the content and grab the attention of your audience.

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