Twitter Use by Auto Brands in on the Rise – How Can Dealerships Benefit?

Twitter Use by Auto Brands in on the Rise – How Can Dealerships Benefit?

There is no question that major auto manufacturers and brands have found success with social media in recent years, particularly with Twitter. In fact, numbers released by MarketShare late last year revealed that Twitter accounted for $716 million in auto sales among the top 20 manufacturers in 2013; a number that is expected to grow year-over-year. The study also found that luxury compact automobiles generated $17.80 in revenue for every dollar spent while mid-sized cars generated $7.90 on every marketing dollar. 

Social Media and the Car Dealership

While these huge numbers are eye-opening, they beg the question; how does this translate to the auto dealership? Dealerships are finding big success with Twitter. In fact, many dealerships leverage the social platform to target and engage local consumers who are interested in buying a car, and it’s actually quite simple. These leading dealerships are leveraging Twitter as a listening tool. They are finding potential customers by looking at those who are sharing thoughts and opinions on Twitter as they navigate their personal car buying process. The fact that consumers are regularly verbalizing their purchase intent on Twitter is a virtual goldmine for auto dealerships. The key here is the softer sell. One of the ways dealerships are making this work is by sharing information and answering questions in the Twittersphere.

And don’t forget Twitter advertising! The Twitter ad platform has really grown up in the past year. Today you can target people based on keywords searched and interests. Want to take it a step further? Link up your CRM and include filters for location, age, gender and more! 

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