Why the Google Display Network Isn’t Your Only Option

Why the Google Display Network Isn’t Your Only Option

As a car dealership owner or manager, you’re always looking for effective ways to attract customers online and boost web traffic through various advertising methods. There are plenty of opportunities available to savvy business owners, and using an ad network is one of the most effective options if other channels aren’t practical. Of course, determining which one is the right fit can be a challenging task, especially considering the number of ad networks available. While it may be the most familiar household name in across-the-board applications, Google Display Network isn’t your only option.


The features of Google Display Network offer many advantages for your marketing efforts. This version enables you to incorporate standard display ads, including mobile capabilities and video components. You can also optimize search results and view site analytics in a simple format. However, many other ad networks providers match these capabilities and offer many of the same tools to improve your dealership’s ROI.


This ad network is an excellent option for a smaller dealership just getting their feet wet with display advertising. The tools are easy to learn and user friendly, though the self-service methodology behind Advertising.com does require patience to master. The platform is a unit of AOL and, with nearly 2 billion display impressions daily, is one of the largest ad network players in the field.

Advertising.com recently launched “Display University,” which is a comprehensive educational resource for companies and marketing departments to learn more about the effectiveness of display ads. It also gives an in-depth view into building advertising campaigns and creative. Once you become familiar with the features and tools, you can implement custom ads to further your advertising dollar. Some basic information proves that Google Display Network isn’t your only option:

  • There is no minimum requirement for advertiser traffic;
  • Offer types include those you’ll use most often, including CPA, CPC, CPM, and Revenue Sharing;
  • Easily accessed payments via corporate check or PayPal; and,
  • A payment minimum threshold of $25.


Another big name in display ad networks, Chitika partners with more than 300,000 publishers. Many users are those who grew frustrated with Google Display services and are migrating to Chitika to leverage their advertising approach. While Google Display Network isn’t your only option, you might consider Chitika as part of your strategy due to its ability to play well with others. These ads can be used alone or alongside display ads from other providers.

One of the primary advantages of Chitika is that it is open to the majority of businesses, and the approval process and implementation of display ads is efficient. Other details:

  • Like Advertising.com, no minimum requirement for advertiser traffic;
  • Ad types include display and inline text;
  • CPC is the sole offer type;
  • Payments are handled via check or PayPal; and,
  • The payment minimum is $10.


This ad network is one of the more recent to join the game, having been founded in 2011. Still, the company grew quickly to become one of the biggest providers of in-text advertising. InfoLinks is ideal for smaller dealerships, as registration is fast and approval is granted to almost any size Web publisher and/or blogger.

Delivery of ads using the InfoLinks platform takes many forms:

  • inText double-underscores the valuable keywords, so that a relevant ad appears when a user’s cursor hovers.
  • inFrame takes advantage of the blank screen margins along each side of a page with banner ads optimized for context.
  • inSearch captures traffic without interfering with a frequent visitor’s experience to monetize searching. 
  • inTag places links within a site’s text content, including valuable context-based keywords.

A wide variety of payment types are available to InfoLinks users, which is another reason why Google Display Network isn’t your only option. You can use ACH transfer, electronic check, Payoneer and Western Union in addition to PayPal.

For more information on the best ad networks available for your company, schedule a demonstration of Speed Shift Media’s solutions for car dealerships.

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