Best Practices for Effective Display Tracking

Best Practices for Effective Display Tracking

You probably already know the importance of display advertising for your car dealership. However, it is not enough to just put ads in place and wait for them to bring in revenue. There are several best practices for effective display tracking that you must keep in mind so you are able to maximize the efficiency of your display ads. Following these tips will help you track your advertising to ensure that you are running the right ads and reaching the right prospects.

Understand Your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Your dealership’s ROAS is the amount of money that you get back in revenue for the amount of money that you spend on advertising. This is arguably the most important figure to know about your dealership advertising. If you do not know how much you are getting back from what you spend on advertising, there is no way for you to tell if it is a worthwhile investment. One of the best tools for tracking your ROAS is Google Analytics.

In an article for Entrepreneur, AJ Kumar suggests tracking specific goals that are right for your business and determining where your traffic comes from. You can learn how much traffic comes from social media pages, how long people stay on your website, and which specific pages your traffic comes from. All of these tracking techniques are among the best practices for effective display tracking.

Make Strategic Campaign Optimization Choices

Once you are able to track your advertising campaign, you must also know how to make decisions that will help you maximize the value of your advertising based on this data. It is important that campaign optimization becomes an ongoing process for your dealership because of the frequency with which the marketing world changes. What worked six months ago may not be effective now, as the needs and browsing habits of prospects change.

According to a piece by MDR about best practices for web advertising, tips for optimizing your web advertising include testing banner size and tweaking banner placement to get as many clicks as possible. MDR also suggests keeping your message simple and avoiding flashy colors and cluttered design. This helps visitors understand exactly what you want them to do when they reach your website.

Optimize Your Landing And Vehicle Detail Pages

Car dealers have inventory that is constantly changing. When your inventory pages are set up properly, it helps your tracking because you can be confident that your inventory pages are not detracting from your advertisements, which can throw off advertising tracking numbers. The same applies for landing pages: you must be sure that your landing pages are set up to facilitate as many conversions as possible. Anum Hussain at HubSpot advises that landing pages have contrasting colors, a strategically-placed logo, and social proof from past customers or industry professionals.