How To Create an Offer That Works Well for Attracting Used Car Buyers

How To Create an Offer That Works Well for Attracting Used Car Buyers

Everyone in the car industry is familiar with the frustration that occurs during the slow times, when salespeople are standing around the lot talking with each other, and other team members are focused on secondary tasks. These situations prevent the dealership from meeting sales goals and lead to feelings of boredom and anxiousness among employees. Creating an offer to attract used car buyers and new car buyers alike is very important to prevent this downtime, but there are some things to consider if you want to be sure that your offers bring in as much customer traffic as possible.


Make Your Offer Easy to Understand
Whether you are creating an offer to attract used car buyers or new car buyers, it is important that the terms of your offer are easy to understand. While you must make sure your offer terms are clear, it is also important that they do not detract from the other parts of your advertising. Include too many details about your offer and you run the risk of drawing prospects’ attention away from your new and used inventory of vehicles.

Pick the Right Type of Offer
Creating an offer to attract used car buyers also requires a degree of balance. Your offer must entice people who are already in the market to visit your dealership, without attracting people who only come to your lot to cash in on your free offer. Offering a free MP3 player or other consumer electronic might cost you money when flocks of people come to the dealership just to pick up a free item. In a small business article for the Houston Chronicle, Linda Ray suggests using reasonable offers like movie tickets or a free lunch for people who test drive vehicles at your dealership.

In addition to creating an offer to attract used car buyers, Ray also suggests you offer existing customers incentives to build referrals. Think about giving your existing customers a free tank of gas or a complimentary oil change to get them to spread the word about your dealership. By varying your incentives, you can keep people guessing and add an element of mystery, which further contributes to customer traffic on your lot.

Complement Your Inventory of Vehicles
Consider creating an offer to attract used car buyers that targets a specific kind of vehicle that you are looking to push sales for. It may help your promotional efforts if you create a cohesive theme that ties the vehicles you are trying to sell with the incentive offer that you are promoting. For example, if you want to sell a car created by a German automaker, you might think about offering a gift certificate for a local German restaurant. This kind of campaign will differentiate your dealership from others that are offering incentives, and build brand recognition, which will help bring people onto your lot.

Effectively Integrate Your Offer Into Display Advertising
Part of creating an offer to attract car buyers that works is advertising it sufficiently. It is a good idea to incorporate your incentive into your display advertising, but you need to ensure that your display ads are targeting the people qualified for the offer. Speed Shift Media’s display advertising can be customized based on the kind of incentives you are running. Because these display ads are totally dynamic, you never have to be concerned that your promotional offers are being shown to the wrong customers. Get in touch with Speed Shift Media today to see how dynamic display ads can help you get the word out to the right people about your dealership’s incentive offers.