Can the Modern Perception of a Car Dealership be Remedied?

Can the Modern Perception of a Car Dealership be Remedied?

Just as attorneys and mortgage brokers often received a bad rap, it’s no secret that the car sales industry also has a bit of a stigma. In fact, recent research from DMEautomotive (DMEa) found that only 21% of consumers consider car dealerships sales people as “trustworthy.” However, this perception can be changed, one dealership at a time. By taking the time to educate and inform interested consumers, you can establish authority and even earn trust. 

Blog/Share Information

By sharing details and tips to help consumers throughout the car buying process, you can build trust with your audience. Provide tips on everything from research to test driving. By establishing a sense of transparency with your readers, they will view you as an authority and a trusted vendor. In addition to customer relations, maintaining a blog is a best practice in terms of search engine optimization. Not only will your blog content appeal to your audience, it will catch the attention of leading search engines like Google and Bing! 

Display Advertising

By placing advertisements strategically, you can share information about your inventory with interested consumers. Display advertising allows you to advertise on third party sites. When managed correctly, a display campaign can target highly motivated consumers at the ideal point in the purchase funnel.  At Speed Shift Media, we have developed the Auto Audience Network, a display advertising platform created specifically for the automotive industry. This automated system serves up in-image display ads, featuring your inventory, to consumers seeking information about specific makes and models. This highly-targeted form of display advertising enables you to provide relevant information about the vehicles on your lot when a consumer is most likely to act. If you aren’t already taking advantage of in-image display advertising, now is the time to test it out! 

So what does a highly targeted inventory ads do to improve trust? Well, these ads allow you to be completely transparent with what you have on your lot. More than that – you are avoiding having to show a price point or financing offer. Car shoppers see hundreds of the same offer ads to the point that they get numb to their messaging. Speaking to them about the exact vehicles they have been researching online will get right to the point – “we have the car you want”.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is yet another valuable touch point that enables you to stay top of mind with prospective and existing customers. Once you have a consumer in your database, it’s a great idea to continue to provide them with educational tools and information about the auto industry. Keep them informed about vehicle maintenance, new model releases and more. Whether they’re in the market today or they will be shopping for another car in the future, this is a great way to nurture a lead and build trust. 

It’s that simple. Establish trust and authority by sharing helpful information through blog content and email marketing and attract new customers by leveraging in-image and inventory display advertising. With a little due diligence, you can help your dealership stand out from the crowd! 

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