Dealership Marketing: Attract Motivated Buyers Using Multi-Device Ads

Dealership Marketing: Attract Motivated Buyers Using Multi-Device Ads

We have heard plenty of talk lately about multi-device advertising; the challenges, the benefits and how the heck to do it right. Here at Speed Shift Media, we are helping our dealership clients navigate the often choppy waters of multi-device advertising. Before we can explain best practices, it’s important first to understand what it is and user intent.

The Mobile User vs. The Desktop/Tablet User

Multi-device advertising is pretty much just as its name implies: a campaign that is developed and targets the many interfaces a customer could be using to access information about your dealership, possibly a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop computer. The easiest way to appeal to multi-device users is first to consider a consumer’s intent when using a specific device.

When on your desktop, you’re in what we call “lean in” mode. You’re actively seeking information on any number of topics. When shopping, you’re likely comparing product makes and models and determining which provides the best value for your purposes. When using your tablet, you’re in more of a relaxed state. You might be sitting on the couch or even in bed, unwinding and casually shopping. This may be following hours of more intense comparison shopping, it’s at this point that you’ve narrowed your options, and you’re comparing prices. Finally, when you’re on your mobile device, you’re more likely looking for information such as a dealership location or phone number; you’re prepared to act.

In each of these situations, you are an engaged consumer. It’s up to the advertiser to deliver the information you need, in the most effective way possible. By putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes, it’s suddenly much easier to plan your advertising messaging accordingly.

An Effective Multi-Device Approach

There is no doubt that your marketing campaign should be designed to appeal effectively to consumers across all devices. In fact, according to Autotrader’s Car Buyer of the Future Study, 42% of new and used car shoppers are using multiple devices during the car-buying process. This is a trend that is only expected to continue.  In 2013, 23% of consumers were using multiple devices, in 2014 that number rose to 32%; by 2020 it’s expected to reach 80%.

Here at Speed Shift Media, we have developed a state-of-the-art auto dealer marketing platform leveraging the very latest technologies in programmatic display advertising. We work with our clients to reach an optimal mix of desktop, tablet and display advertising. In most cases, we find that a 50% desktop, 45% tablet and 5% mobile split is most effective. Unlike paid search, display advertising is meant to target consumers closer to the top of the sales funnel. These consumers are actively seeking information about a particular make and model; it’s our job to serve up our clients’ inventory at that very moment. This part of the buying process is most often in that “lean in phase,” or the more relaxed comparison shopping phase, which is precisely why we focus so heavily on desktops and tablets. That’s not to say that there is no room for mobile. There are still some consumers who use their Smartphones during the research phase, and for that reason we also optimize for mobile.

Striking the Perfect Balance

As you plan your marketing strategy, we encourage you to take this same approach. As you allocate your marketing dollars, consider device and intent. As you optimize your campaigns over time, you will strike the perfect balance.