Geo-Targeting and Digital Display Advertising: Why it’s a Must, Especially for Car Dealerships

Geo-Targeting and Digital Display Advertising: Why it’s a Must, Especially for Car Dealerships

Effective geo-targeting is undoubtedly essential to any online advertising campaign. However, it is particularly important for dealership display advertising. How so? It’s quite simple. When searching for a car online, the average consumer is considering a handful of variables, one of which is proximity. A car buyer in Vancouver is not interested in learning about a vehicle in Toronto and vice versa. When served up to an interested buyer in close proximity, a contextual display ad can start a prospective lead down the purchase path. Before you can get started with geo-targeting, it’s important to familiarize yourself with industry best practices. 

Advertise Where your Local Customer is Spending Time Online 

While this may seem obvious, it’s critical to take this into consideration. Choose display advertising placements that cater to consumers in your area. Furthermore, select contextually relevant sites that speak to those who are actively shopping for the vehicles on your lot. Rather than placing an ad in a local online newspaper, why not place an ad on a vehicle review site? Those engaged with this type of content are far more likely to make a purchase than those who happen to see your ad while catching up on current events. 

Set a Parameter 

Where do you attract most of your business? If you’re in a heavily populated area, most of your clientele likely reside relatively close to your showroom. If you are in a rural area, you may very well serve customers from other towns or even counties. Be sure and set the parameters on your dealership display advertising campaign to include the areas you typically serve. Depending on budget, you may even want to test expanding your parameters just beyond these areas.

Don’t Forget to Exclude

If there are areas in or around your desired geo-targeted area that are not ideal, be sure to exclude them. This may be a result of high cost due to competition, socioeconomic demographics, or other variables that make an area less than desirable from an advertising perspective. As you set up your campaign, reserve your ad spend for areas that are most likely to produce auto sales. 

At Speed Shift Media, we are proud to offer what we call perfect contextual advertising. This is a revolutionary approach to dealership display advertising that serves up a dynamic display ad, at the exact movement a consumer is seeking information about a given make and model. In other words, we index your inventory and display live images of your stock to online consumers in your area. Stop chasing leads and start attracting them with our dealership display advertising platform! 

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