Differentiating Your Dealership in a Sea of Competition

Differentiating Your Dealership in a Sea of Competition

Are you struggling with differentiating your dealership from the rest? Setting your dealership apart from your competition is more than just important, it can make or break how much traffic you attract to your website and showroom floor. The difficult part is, knowing what to say and getting your message across.

Remaining ahead of the curve in the highly competitive auto dealership marketing landscape is anything but easy. It’s essential to seek new, innovative ways to differentiate yourself from the dealerships in your area. Rather than sticking to the same familiar formula, why not switch up your advertising strategy a bit? It just might pay off!

Market Your Value

With so many dealerships to choose from, why should a car buyer come to you? What makes you different from the next dealership? Whether you pride yourself on customer service, no-haggle negotiations or another value-add, it’s up to you to get that point across. Keep in mind that your value-add should truly be unique. If every dealership in your area is offering “unbeatable” customer service, break the mold!

As you build brand awareness in your community, it’s important to have a clear message. If you decide to make your name synonymous with low pricing, share the same cohesive message across all of your marketing and advertising efforts and make sure all client-facing staff is prepared to do the same. Avoid the bandwagon mentality. Establish your unique brand message and stick with it!

Think Outside the Box

For those of us in marketing, this is crucial. Purchasing the same ad units and marketing to the same audiences as your competition only dilutes your message. Instead, we encourage you to think outside the box, find unique advertising and marketing opportunities. If you are aiming to appeal to female car buyers, consider sponsoring a local women’s event or host an educational workshop for women in your area.

When purchasing ad space, resist the urge to buy in the same old units. Find opportunities your competition has yet to tap into. Consider dynamic display advertising. Here at Speed Shift Media, we provide leading-edge dealership display advertising on top-tier national and international websites. See how Jeff Smith, GM of Dave Hitchcock Chevrolet and Ray Clark, IT Manager at Bannister Automotive Group leverages our dealership display advertising platform to establish a greater level of legitimacy in the marketplace.


In addition to the Auto Audience™ Network, you have many choices when it comes to dealership advertising. Are you creating quality blog content? Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and other leading social networks. Research ad opportunities with local organizations, test geo-fencing or placed attribution advertising. With so many new and exciting digital advertising opportunities being introduced every day, there is no excuse for the status quo.