3 Tips to Producing Truly Optimal Mobile Ads

3 Tips to Producing Truly Optimal Mobile Ads

Are you missing a large advertising opportunity because you are not yet on mobile? Mobile isn’t just a vital advertising channel; it’s become the most used device for searching the web. The astounding growth of mobile usage in the past five years has been a game changer for digital marketing. In fact, according to Google, mobile search overtook desktop search in terms of sheer volume for the first time earlier this year. And according to a report from mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile app usage increased by an astounding 76% in 2014. What does this tell us? Appealing to the PC user is no longer enough for a successful online ad. It is just as important to optimize digital marketing campaigns for Smartphone and Tablet users. If you have yet to master the art of mobile optimization, here are a few tips that will help you improve performance.

1. Mobile Web vs. Apps 

One of the biggest decisions you will make when targeting mobile users is where to allocate your marketing dollars. Will you focus on mobile web or apps? While there are cases for both, we typically remind our clients that app targeting is typically more of a passive ad buy. When using an app, the average consumer is engaged in a specific activity and is less likely to respond to display advertising. We typically encourage advertisers to focus most, if not all, of their mobile advertising dollars on the mobile web. If you choose to target apps, be sure and choose carefully. Contextual relevance is key, which brings us to our next point.

2. Ensure Relevance 

Like traditional display advertising, the success of a mobile web campaign is heavily dependent on relevance. Be selective with your ad units, ensure that your inventory ads are served only to mobile users actively seeking information about new or used vehicles. At Speed Shift Media, our programmatic display ads are designed to do just that. We work with leading auto industry sites to serve up our clients’ ads at the optimal point in the research process. Learn more about our programmatic display ads.                                                          

3. Go Big or Go Home

Size does matter when it comes to mobile ads. The traditional 250×50 ad unit is often less effective than the 250×300. Be sure and take advantage of the space allotted. Capture your audience’s attention with eye-catching, sizeable creative. Work with your advertising platform(s) to learn about available ad specs. And when running programmatic display ads, be sure and provide all accepted ad unit sizes. This ensures maximum exposure.