Leading Manufacturers are Appealing to the Female Car Buyer, are You?

Leading Manufacturers are Appealing to the Female Car Buyer, are You?

In recent years, industry analysts have begun to recognize the buying power women currently hold in the marketplace, and leading auto manufacturers have taken note. Automakers such as Cadillac and GM have made major strides in appealing to women. From handing out cars in the Oprah Winfrey Give Away to holiday advertisements featuring busy woman juggling seasonal stresses, these manufacturers have identified the need to appeal to women. 

Why the sudden focus on females? A 2013 study out of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute revealed that, as of 2010, there are more female drivers in the U.S. than male drivers. And furthermore, women are responsible for influencing upward of 80% of household purchasing decisions. That being the case, the female market is due for some attention from automakers and dealers alike! 

Reaching Women Through Programmatic Display Ads 

Programmatic display advertising is just one of many ways to target female car buyers. As experts in this niche, Speed Shift Media works with leading dealerships to target both men and women. Through our buying power, we can reserve placements on major national and international websites that appeal to specific audiences. By focusing on specific demographics in the media buy we can target a higher percentage of women, then with the use of programmatic (dynamic) creative we can show each women the cars she is most interested in. After all, we’re now in a world where a segment of 1 is possible.

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of the population is made up of visual learners (including those who are multi-type learners). What does this tell us? No matter who you’re trying to attract, serving up visually stimulating, programmatic display ads is one of the most effective ways to target motivated car buyers. As you set out to attract the female household decision makers in your area, we encourage you to keep this in mind. These tech savvy, visual learners are seeking information on the new and used cars on your lot. Together we can appeal to these women and drive sales in the process!