Do Men or Women Drive Auto Buying Decisions?

Do Men or Women Drive Auto Buying Decisions?

It is a situation that is quite common in the car business. A man and a woman walk into a car dealership to buy a new vehicle for their household. At first they seem like a unified team, asking questions and taking in the answers together, but once they come across an issue that they disagree on, lines are clearly drawn. The division of responsibility between men and women in the car buying process has undoubtedly led to plenty of heated drives home and temporary adjustments in couples’ sleeping arrangements, but it has also led to some interesting market research and studies. If you have ever found yourself wondering, “Do men or women drive auto buying decisions?” there are some important figures to consider to determine what the answer is: What The Numbers Say
The Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers, an auto industry advocacy group consisting of 12 of today’s most prominent automakers, published an article in January of 2013 that examined some information attempting to address the question of “Do men or women drive auto buying decisions?” The article includes some interesting statistics about the perceived roles of men and women during the auto buying process, including:
• A majority of both genders believe that they make the decisions when buying a new car for their household: 72% of men believe they have the most influence during the car buying process, while 60% of women think they have more say.• Women buy more new cars than men: 60% of all new vehicles are purchased by women. Women have some degree of influence on 85% of all vehicle purchases.• When it comes to choosing features and options, more women believe they have the upper hand: 60% of men think they have the most influence on vehicle options, while 70% of women feel like they have more say in this portion of the car buying process.


These numbers are certainly interesting and may change the way that your dealership handles male and female customers. However, you also want to make sure that you find a way to use this information to also improve your display advertising. And the best way to use this data about the respective roles of men and women during the car buying process to help your advertising is to target your ads at the specific gender that is looking for a vehicle from your dealership.

The Role Of Display Advertising In Gender Targeting

Regardless of your take on the question of “Do men or women drive auto buying decisions more?” you must understand that males and females have very different needs and tastes in vehicles. For example, in the piece by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, it was reported that more people believe that women will buy vehicles with navigation systems to avoid getting lost. Because of the differences between how men and women approach the car buying process, it is important that your ads target the viewer properly.

The Dynamic Display Ads provided by Speed Shift Media are excellent for targeting your advertising toward both men and women. The advertisements your dealership displays will change depending on the specific people viewing them and what kind of web content they have been looking at in the past. These display ads also change in real-time depending on your inventory, which means you never have to stress about showing a woman a vehicle that might be more suitable for a man, or vice versa. Whether you have plenty of experience with online marketing or you are new to this medium, investing in the right display ads will help you target all types of people that may be interested in your cars. Whatever you think the answer is to the question of “Do men or women drive auto buying decisions?” try Speed Shift Media’s services to see how our services help you bring in more customers.